Mission: “We supply open pollinated seeds and information on growing gardens and saving seeds for those who wish to grow their own food and medicine.”


Wise Woman’s Promise

We promise to supply the highest quality seeds, carefully grown and guaranteed to germinate.

All of our seeds are organically grown, packaged with care and sent to you with love.

We are located in the Thompson/Shuswap North Okanagan Region of British Columbia. Established in 2015 in Enderby BC we have continued to provide open pollinated organically grown seeds through several changes of venue. Our seeds are grown out by our in-house staff, organic farmers and backyard gardeners who adhere to organic standards. Each species we offer has been field tested and is guaranteed to germinate.


We are committed to sustainable practices and our packaging reflects that.

Our pre-planted grid gardening sheets are designed to dissolve into vital nutrients in the soil to aid the growth of your plants.

The paper seed packets are made from post consumer recycled paper which will encourage the growth of worms and other friendly garden fauna to improve the health of your soil. The inner glassine envelope provides a secondary layer from light and moisture, and makes handling smaller seeds easier. The labels are “secondary contact food -safe” with sugar based glue and vegetable based ink. The entire package will break down in compost in one season…less if torn into pieces

Our seed vaults come in an air/water tight tin and the seeds are stored in glass vials with silica gel to preserve them for even longer.

Our specialty selections are in glass vials with silica, housed in a re-useable pabric bag. They are both attractive and uesful. A perfect “beginning gardener gift.

Organic Seeds. All of our seeds are grown organically. They are germination tested and ready to grow. Several varieties are classified as “Thoroughbred seeds” these are noted by the symbol T in the seed lists and catalogues.

Thoroughbred Seeds

Thoroughbred seeds are the highest standard of purity and complete energy incorporation that can be attained in plant production. Grown and harvested for seven generations according to strict biodynamic principles and methods. Look for the “T” symbol throughout the catalogue to identify the seeds collections which have attained this standard.

We select as many varieties as possible for growing in small urban spaces. The future of growing food is toward sustainable, regenerative and practical methods. More people are returning to the satisfying hobby of gardening, Our goal is to help them…and you to Garden Like a Guru.

Natalie Fleming

Partner/Head of administration

Natalie’s love of animals and the great outdoors brought her to seed saving and growing her own food. Leaving the city behind she relocated her several rescued animals to a rural setting and set about re-inventing herself living an off-grid sustainable life.

As a Reiki practitioner & skilled canine trainer she became the Guardian Angel of several dogs which needed stable loving care, healing of old emotional wounds and plenty of structure. She added horses, sheep and miniature goats as the space and time allowed. Gardening and seed saving came easily to her and she expands her knowledge every season.

Natalie’s commitment to community is huge. She holds several Community Board positions in Forestry Preservation, Community Social clubs, Food Banks, Good Food Box programs and Thrift Shops. Making sustainable lives workable within the community has led her to establish a mobile Thrift shop to augment to the local one she owns.

She has a reputation for her finely crafted items. From the Elemental Wise Goddess jewelry with it one-of-a-kind items, to her finely crafted crocheting, each piece she produces is unique to her and to the client she makes it for.

Wise Woman Seeds is well represented by her, as she has been gaining knowledge of every aspect of the business for 2 years. Natalie also oversees our Facebook Page & Group, and Instagram account to provide clients with relevant info on gardening, our seeds and local businesses that carry our products.

Sarah Bradshaw

Sarah has been a seed saver for 6 decades. She started in her mother’s garden with peas and beans and the occasional flower seed pod. Her first “herb garden” was when she was 17 and planted “gobo” in her mother’s garden and found out the hard way it is also called “Burdock” and unloved by many.

Training in herbalism and aromatherapy took place alongside landscape/horticulture diplomas.

In the 1990s Sarah helped start a very successful seed swap event which is now celebrating its 26th year of continuous running. It was through this endeavor that we saw the increasing need for a regional garden seed business.

Sarah is on the Seeds of Diversity Speakers list and speaks around Western Canada to groups about seed saving, food security and food sovereignty.

Ben Watson

Partner/Head of Tech

Ben is the Wise Woman Seeds wizard with the internet and all things technical.

He maintains the website, and helps sort out technical messes that gardeners sometimes fail to understand. He also maintains the greenhouses and monitors the year-round crops which rely heavily on a controlled environment.

These skills and his ability to do some of the “heavy work” involved in seed growing makes him a vital part of our team.

David Meyer

Partner/Head of Sales

David’s calm demeanor and practical sense are an anchor to us. He is skilled at all the “odd-jobs” that come up on a homestead, Wood cutting, animal wrangling, garden tilling and heavy work. Mechanic and maintenance dude. He wears a LOT of hats.

However it is his sales expertise and knowledge (stemming from 30 years in retail automotive sales & service) that is so vital to our thriving business. As the most “out and about” of our team David is often the first face our retail outlets can put to the name Wise Woman Seeds